Lustrously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Lustrously:

Coming out of this hall our eyes are caught by a gleam of something lustrously white against a sky which is now burning blue.

The golden crown, which hung suspended over the funeral-car, shone lustrously in the sunlight.

There were times when Emily Wrackgarth seemed to herself as vast and as lustrously impressive as it.

Her eyes were large in the cup and they went violet in the sunlight; at night they seemed lustrously black.

Never had the nobility of his nature shone forth more truly and more lustrously.

One stain upon a white robe spoils it which would not be noticed upon one less lustrously clean.

He fancied that the eyes shone more lustrously; but they were turned away.

The eyes of the patient sparkle lustrously, and become suffused with water.

Her dark eyes were smiling lustrously, languidly, at the smoke curling in the air before her, as if they saw a vision in it.

Then we found that the full moon was gleaming lustrously from a cloudless sky across the valley.