Lusty [adjective]

Definition of Lusty:

energetic, healthy

Synonyms of Lusty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lusty:

Sentence/Example of Lusty:

This constellation is also often a hunter in Aboriginal cultures, or a group of lusty young men.

Nine lusty-lunged adults in that one room prohibited confidential speech.

He makes love to her, just because it is the nature of a lusty son of Adam to make love to a pretty daughter of Eve.

Such an excuse came near rendering me ridiculous in the eyes of those lusty Scots.

It is the Book of Howth which accuses Sidney of being a ‘lusty feeder and surfeiter.’

A lusty cheer came from the British ships; they thought the flag down and the victory theirs.

Bainbridge and his fellow-officers saw the flames from their prison window and hailed them with lusty cheers.

Thence called at my brother's, who is at church, at the buriall of young Cumberland, a lusty young man.

Our men renewed their cheering and their lusty shouts were answered by the column on the river-bank, still in advance of us.

Louis the Lusty then wanted to have the proposed sum increased by a fourth, then by a third.