Luxuriance [noun]

Definition of Luxuriance:

money, resources

Opposite/Antonyms of Luxuriance:

Sentence/Example of Luxuriance:

The plant attains a large size, and grows with a luxuriance common to all products grown in the famous "blue grass" region.

They grew with the greatest luxuriance, and produced abundance of flowers and seed.

At the iron window of her prison they appeared to grow with the joy and luxuriance of gratitude.

Neither is the luxuriance of Fletcher, which his friends have taxed in him, a less fault than the carelessness of Shakespeare.

In the middle of every field was an elm or a chesnut, which by the luxuriance of its foliage seemed planted in other ages.

Patches of forest of tropical luxuriance may still be seen on the slopes of Mounts Mlanje and Chiradzulu.

How stunted and dwarfed the groves of our new academies when compared with the rich luxuriance of the gardens of Trinity!

Whatever the correct number may be, there is no question about the abundance of water and the luxuriance of the gardens.

He wore no neckerchief, as he had been playing rackets all day, and his open shirt collar displayed their full luxuriance.

In Sarah we see as great a luxuriance of evil as can be imagined to blend with real piety, without essentially deteriorating it.