Luxuriant [adjective]

Definition of Luxuriant:

profuse, plush

Synonyms of Luxuriant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Luxuriant:




Sentence/Example of Luxuriant:

If water be present on the surface of Venus and if oxygen be a constituent of its atmosphere, we might expect to find in that planet a luxuriant tropical life.

The mountain ranges continue drawing nearer and nearer to each other, and the woods become thicker and more luxuriant.

But here vegetation is so luxuriant, that even the pruned and grafted tree springs up like the native of the forest.

The clove-tree is somewhat smaller, and cannot boast of such luxuriant foliage, or such fine large leaves as the nutmeg-tree.

At any rate, this pit is a very lovely one, abounding in the most luxuriant vegetation.

This rustic porch, overhung with luxuriant vines, evidently served as the family sitting-room.

Her luxuriant chestnut hair, with frequent glints of gold entangled in its meshes, waved naturally all over her shapely head.

A magnificent mahogany tree, whose luxuriant branches overshadowed the whole clearing, stood nearly in the centre.

The luxuriant growth of reeds around the lakes gives the feeling of utter seclusion from the madding crowd.

The French woods are more luxuriant, and generally composed of more beautiful trees than those in England and in America.