Luxurious [adjective]

Definition of Luxurious:

affluent, indulgent

Opposite/Antonyms of Luxurious:

Sentence/Example of Luxurious:

Even the most luxurious camper-top setups tend to be minimalist in terms of sleeping amenities.

They need to be professionally installed but promise a luxurious look.

Silk is often categorized as slippery, luxurious, and romantic.

Soak the pain away with these luxurious CBD-infused bath salts.

For the past decade, university arms races have centered on who can build the most luxurious dorms and biggest sports facilities or offer the most “country club” amenities like posh gyms and pools.

Remote or queue observing can be downright luxurious for astronomers — it’s certainly more pandemic-friendly — but astronomers aren’t the only ones working at telescopes.

For apartments, developers would pay at maximum $10,976 per 500 square foot apartment and $17,150 per luxurious 1,251 square foot apartment.

To add another layer of inequity, San Diego’s newer neighborhoods to the north operate under a different and more luxurious fee.

Sometimes the affair is made still more luxurious by substituting rose-water for water pur et simple.

And the wealthy class by no means monopolized the bay with their yachts and luxurious launches.