Lynched [verb]

Definition of Lynched:

kill by hanging

Synonyms of Lynched:

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Sentence/Example of Lynched:

Understandably, Goldstein has focused on health care, backing a single-payer system and trying to contrast himself with Lynch, who actually voted against the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

So far, though, Goldstein has outraised Lynch in the past two filing periods, bringing in about $340,000 to Lynch’s $52,000 in that time.

Parson, who operates a law enforcement consulting service, said in his statement that the action by Lynch and the PBA leadership “has further jeopardized the safety of every private citizen and Police Officer in the USA.”

The Jewish Community Center will push to open even without a waiver and argues that school isn’t in session so the typical rules don’t apply, Lynch said.

Lynch said there are multiple ways to interpret the state regulations.

Whites lynch, burn, and persecute the Negro race in America yet; and there is little they are doing to help them in anyway.

Finally his discourse galled Judge Lynch, who thereupon resolved to turn the laugh against him.

Judge Lynch, awestruck by this terrible roar, now felt what it is to be a judge; he trembled and hesitated.

Why I could listen for hours about what streets are being paved—and who supports old Mrs. Lynch!

She had only just ensconced herself behind the counter, when who should walk into the shop but Barry Lynch.