Lynching [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lynching:

Talpers played heavily on the lynching, because he knew the fear of the mob had become an obsession with McFann.

The white man who has been restored to absolute power so as to establish social ostracism, segregation and lynching is a success.

Indians, as a rule, have great self-control, but this sight so stirred them that there was very nearly a lynching.

This man told me that no lynching would ever have taken place had it not been for the uncertainty of the law.

Of all the States, Georgia had the worst record for lynching.

Has there ever been a man punished in this State for lynching a Negro?

As far as records go, it has never been disgraced by a lynching.

It is not the lynching crowd on whom vengeance will ultimately be taken.

If he had his way he would give the Negro his right and his due, and stop lynching.

Georgia stands first in the list of States in the matter of lynching.