Lynx [noun]

Definition of Lynx:

large cat

Synonyms of Lynx:

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Sentence/Example of Lynx:

To this animal we shall preserve the name of Ounce, because, in fact, it seems to have some affinity to the lynx.

The species of the lynx is very common throughout Europe, and also in the northern provinces of Asia.

The lynx inhabits cold and at most temperate climates, while the caracal is to be found only in the warmest countries.

The lynx is not so big as the wolf, has shorter legs, and generally about the size of a fox.

The lynx is certainly more common in cold than in temperate climates, and is at least very rare in hot ones.

I have not succeeded in implanting in my soul the sharp-eared vigilance that lies with facility, and has the eyes of a lynx.

I'm thinkin' the lynx is handy by, and we might get a shot at un.

Meanwhile the other lynx, springing for her neck, had experienced the unexpected.

These claw-marks the lynx appeared to take as a challenge or a defiance.

But the lynx had just then no mind for mice, and never saw her.