Lyric [adjective]

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Someone to finish Patsy Cline lyrics when I’m singing terribly.

Meanwhile, the updated version of Apple Music that rolled out with iOS 12 in 2018 included a way to search by lyrics, instead of just artist, album or song title.

There’s power in the melodies, power in those notes, power in those lyrics.

It speaks about where one is from—through rap lyrics, DJing, graffiti, or breakdancing—by incorporating local slang, references, neighborhood tales, sounds, and styles.

So, imagine sending a health reporter to cover the impact of listening to certain rap lyrics over and over again, all while not understanding the context of the lyrics, where they come from, or what they’re saying.

When men were completely dominating rap and Hip-Hop, Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton infused feminism, fun, and fashion into their lyrics.

So if the word “battle” is on a blocklist, it blocks war clips, but it also blocks songs from Disney’s Frozen musical where “battle” is one of the lyrics in the metadata.

To this day, I know the lyrics to nearly every Bob Marley song.

It’s the name of a song, and lyric, by Arcade Fire from their album, The Suburbs.

More likely, we would have had a regular party at a dive bar or something, screaming the lyrics to “New York, New York” at midnight.