Lyrical [adjective]

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True hymns are sacred lyrics, and a lyric to be lyrical and heart appealing, must be inevitable.

But what of the love, however expressed, in the lyrical invocation to the brown liqueur?

Who shall sing in lyrical language the exhilaration of such splendid men's work?

Still, Andronicus was the first to substitute the Greek drama for the old lyrical stage poetry.

In lyrical poetry, the Romans can boast of one of the greatest masters of any age or nation.

He then proceeds to connect these regions, or different parts of the musical scale, with different branches of lyrical poetry.

Hence the lyrical spirit and the peculiarly dramatic form of his work; and so it is in this 'Adventure.'

In other lyrical pieces Mr. Sharp sustains a patriotic vein with fervour.

He made his Masque what it ought to be, essentially lyrical, and dramatic only in semblance.

Without undertaking to measure and compare what is incommensurable, I hold that Goethe's genius is essentially lyrical.