Lyrist [noun]

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It would be difficult to find a finer lyrist among the mountains.

Although I turned aside and sought diligently, I could not find the shy lyrist.

His extant shorter poems, however, whether early or late, offer no excuse for claiming high rank for him as a lyrist.

And where the sonneteers pretended to a sincerity which was none of theirs, he was, like Browning, unaffectedly a dramatic lyrist.

Miss Ingelow may be termed an idyllic lyrist, her lyrical pieces having always much idyllic beauty.

Moore was another lyrist whose poetry Scott greatly admired.

From her wilds Ierne sent The sweetest lyrist of her saddest wrong, And love taught grief to fall like music from his tongue.

The reproach had a justice in it that must have stung, and made the lyrist wish to be an atomic theorist at any cost.

The Elizabethan lyrist is safe among lilies and cherries, roses, pearls, and snow.

More than one lyrist—as Archilochus and Horace may bear witness—has thrown away his shield on the field of battle.