Macerating [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Macerating:

Press out all the whey from the curd and macerate the latter for several hours (10 to 12 hours) in 50 cc.

For those who macerate the body, and long to put on immortality, are only in a kind of dream.

Macerate the drugs with alcohol and water, and after a few days transfer to percolator.

Macerate in a close vessel for a fortnight, then filter and bottle for sale.

Allow the whole to macerate in the spirit during 24 hours, then distil off 40 gallons by the heat of a water bath.

In matter of wrecks, it is the outer rocks that smash; it is the teeth of these ledges that tear timbers and macerate men.

They felt themselves bound and gagged, waiting for an assassin to macerate them at his own sweet will.

Macerate for 24 hours, boil until reduced by half, filter and evaporate the filtrate to a syrupy consistency.

Macerate 10 or 12 days, filter and express, then filter again and evaporate to the consistency of an extract.

Place the dish in a cool cellar for four or five days, to allow the contents to macerate.