Maces [noun]

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People who had never considered needing protection now carry mace and bear repellent.

Mace is only be the second woman, Republican or Democrat, elected to serve a full congressional term in the state.

And whilst I was stretched out that-a-way, Mace come clost and give me her hand.

When she went to go into her stable, Mace slowed her down till the street cars was gone by.

The legend that may still be read upon the Corporation mace, of Elizabethan date, is earnest of this old-time amity.

The Whigs were reminded that those same soldiers had taken the mace from the table of the House of Commons.

Other votes were carried without a single division either in the Committee or when the mace was on the table.

The great mace of Sebastian had dashed the sword aside, and De Carnac smote the man-at-arms so that he toppled with a dull cry.

It had not been so in those early post-bellum years, when Oliver Morton of the iron mace still hobbled on crutches.

Mix these thoroughly, pound them together, and season highly with salt and cayenne, and a trifle of mace.