Machete [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Machete:

In 2015, the city paid $5,000 to a man shot by police while he wielded a machete against the officers.

Guevara was stabbed more than 140 times with knives and a machete, according to the Daily Progress, with one strike so severe that the machete broke.

He dug a grave with his machete among the smoking ruins of the hacienda, in which he laid his brother's body.

Millions of people from Texas to Patagonia have long found the machete an ever-ready tool.

He seized the lance, and, with it and the machete, retired to the convent.

To men of to-day this jungle would have been impenetrable, except by the incessant use of axe or machete.

The Ulleran whirled, swinging a blade somewhere between a big butcherknife and a small machete.

The oldest of the party carried a great machete, and one of them closely hugged a bottle full of spirits.

The probable signification is “Give twice twenty strokes with a machete,” and hence is but partially phonetic.

Still, Don Anbal's machete, raised against the barricade, fell without striking.