Machinations [noun]

Definition of Machinations:

maneuver, plot

Synonyms of Machinations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Machinations:

Sentence/Example of Machinations:

He failed to see that this man had suffered bitterly through his evil machinations.

The villain Longcluse, and the whole fabric of his machinations, may be dashed in pieces by a word.

It is from the plots and counter-plots, the machinations and subterfuges that follow that Miss Bowen justifies her title.

He attacked the usurpations of Robespierre and the machinations of the Jacobins, by which he fell.

Here was another plane of existence where the machinations of men seemed to matter little.

By the God above us, if I thought this was any of your devilish machinations, I would strike you to the earth!

Something deeper and more solemn than the machinations of man took a hand in the making of Llanyglo.

The following year he was deprived of the office by the machinations of the Bishop of Winchester, and fined £100.

I know the blackened purpose of your heart too well; but Corbet still has a friend, who will deliver him from your machinations.'

If not, might not the machinations of a brain so subtile affect the peace and happiness of Alice Bridgenorth?