Machined [adjective]

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Patterns are made and taken to a foundry for the castings, which are then machined to have close fitting joints.

Won't a steel casting be cheaper and better than that expensive machined steel bearing?

Valve stem guides and valve stems must be machined very accurately to insure correct action.

And by the door a crossbow—that fired machined metal bolts, he could see the tool marks still visible on their shanks.

They made trousers for export trade; one machined, one finished, and one pressed, brave old women all!

The engine parts were in forgings and needed only to be machined.

In some cases both of these things must be accomplished, as after a piece has been forged and must be machined.

The steel cylinders are machined from solid forgings and provided with webs for air-cooling as shown.

The cylinders are made from steel forgings, as are the valve chamber elbows, which are machined all over and welded together.

If a definite number of articles are to be machined, the whole quantity may be looked upon as a single job.