Machining [verb]

Definition of Machining:

build, produce

Synonyms of Machining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Machining:

Sentence/Example of Machining:

Hayes stumbled in through the front sliding doors, and he said doctors strapped him to electrocardiography machines.

Based on messenger RNA, it essentially transforms the cells of the body into tiny vaccine-making machines.

Many machines have been reconstructed and now they are forming a playground of many machines.

Apple silicon was already inside iPhones and iPads, but now it is taking on its most power-hungry machines.

It essentially transforms the body’s cells into tiny vaccine making machines.

I’ll leave it to experts to decide whether this technically counts as “AI”, but it’s clearly another example of machines challenging human decision-making.

Maybe some people will come along and say machines can never think because we won’t ever be able to tell that machines can think because we won’t be able to tell they’re conscious.

“If you washed your cloth mask in a washing machine with hot water, you were just as protected as wearing a surgical mask,” MacIntyre says.

This frees the machine from having to protect too much hidden information.

Automation and machine learning have tremendous potential to help all of us in marketing.