Mack [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mack:

She was thinking that not so very long before, she herself had paid attention to something Tilly Mack said.

Mack had remained undiscovered under the bed, an interested listener to the conversation that ensued.

Mack, the Austrian quartermaster-general, came to London and laid a plan of campaign before the ministers.

When reviewed, it had appeared to Mack and Nelson a well-equipped force of thirty thousand of the "finest troops in Europe."

It was two o'clock before "Dutchy" Mack's backer threw the sponge into the air, and three before they reached the city.

The man who told Peter said the story came straight from Connie Mack and that there was no doubt about its being true.

The small real estate office, on a second floor, was not as shabby as I had expected, nor was Mack Graham as shabby.

To have raised a hand against "Old Mack" Falkins would have been to defy both clans.

He was accompanied by the six men of both clans, who had undertaken to act as the personal guard for Old Mack.

Mother said Mack could take us for a little ride in the fresh air so we would have a better appetite for dinner.