Madcap [adjective]

Definition of Madcap:

crazy, impulsive

Synonyms of Madcap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Madcap:

Sentence/Example of Madcap:

We should have thought at once the prank that madcap would be at!

Jean was a bunch of nervous impulses, and no one ever knew where the madcap would bounce up next.

Captain Jack was open and generous, though a little given to rash enterprise and madcap adventure.

He shall go to Paris instead of those madcap youngsters with their parties.

The fiend receive George of Douglas and thee too, thou born madcap and sworn marplot!

He was walking alone and looked her directly in the face, but he did not have the slightest idea that he had met madcap Kuni.

A story told of the madcap days of Brougham's youth gives some idea of the welcome he would extend to Rutherford.

The madcap Nomerfide indeed lays it down, that "the meditation of death cools the heart not a little."

The madcap girl, who had run her wild race with the train, was a little distance off.

The storm of war has blown to your house the young madcap, with whom you spent such happy hours at your sister's wedding.