Madhouse [noun]

Definition of Madhouse:

place where mentally ill live; place full of commotion

Synonyms of Madhouse:

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Sentence/Example of Madhouse:

Until the day, he says, that “Our funhouse… turned into a madhouse.”

He passed the latter part of his life in poverty, and towards the close of it, was confined in a madhouse.

Even when a separation had been effected his tormentor persecuted him still, until she was relegated to a madhouse.

The awful humiliation of it unseated Robert Dale Owen's reason, and he died in the madhouse.

If Great Britain in 1913 was not exactly a cockpit or a madhouse, she was not without her domestic troubles.

I thank Heaven that he has so far recovered: he was for one whole year quite raving, and chained down in a madhouse.

"I want to be taken to a madhouse," said Turnbull distinctly, giving the direction with a sort of precision.

You imprison two perfectly sane men in a madhouse because you have made up a long word.

His father did not die in Colombo at all; he died in a madhouse!

I shall either be in my grave or a madhouse, so it won't concern me.