Madly [adjective]

Definition of Madly:

wildly, fiercely

Opposite/Antonyms of Madly:

Sentence/Example of Madly:

For many, the experience is similar to madly refreshing the Ticketmaster page in hopes of scoring rare concert tickets, except they aren’t quite signing up to see Bruce Springsteen or Ariana Grande.

The moment was an awkward one, and Cynthia wished madly that she had not been prompted to ask that unfortunate question.

On the state-coach went, down the steep, driving the mules madly before it.

It was a thought worthy of his black nature, but that he madly loved the girl, there was no doubt.

Thenceforth, it ebbed, though it raged madly for a while in the effort to sweep away the obstruction.

Thus, when the audience madly rushed for an exit, numerous individuals were crushed since the doors could not be opened outwardly.

Wheeling their horses, Jerry and Billy rode madly back and after them thundered Lawrence and the guard.

It was a new sensation to these men to rush thus madly between two walls of foam eight or ten feet high!

When they saw me enter, the young men quarrelled over the body, and danced around madly to the sound of the instrument.

"Try to look madly in love," said my friend, ready to burst out laughing at the sight of the long serious face of his neighbour.