Madman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Madman:

Would she let Alessandro become a raging madman, and finally kill both himself and her?

Vile aniseed brandy—liquid fire—was sold cheap, and many a man who began the day cool and sober ended it as a raving madman.

"It is a madman," declared the servant, and flattened herself against the hedge.

He dragged the blackened brush through a vessel of clear water, then brandished it like the madman Mata thought him.

But I declare this king worthy of being confined as a madman if he were so atrociously besotted.

Her cries attracted her attendants, and Murray was ordered by the indignant queen to stab the young madman dead then and there.

The lieutenant of police went to take this madman, who was pointed out to him.

Jim fastened the flaps on the outside and went back to the camp-fire, where Talpers was storming up and down like a madman.

What security have we between this time and Michaelmas for the intentions of an attorney and the conduct of a madman.

He foamed like a madman, dragged his bonds out of his safe, threw them on the floor and stamped upon them.