Madmen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Madmen:

Only first exchange that nightcap for some more appropriate covering, or we shall be taken for madmen.

In stage and wagon, on mule and horse, "riding and tying" sometimes, and even afoot came the rush of madmen.

Yet more similar are the speeches of the madmen with their horrible words, and those of fools with their mirthless puns.

The dispute grew warm, they came to blows, and fought like madmen.

I tell you that they are madmen, and that I will have no war.

They p. 240are a nation of madmen on the other side of Transylvania.

The Ireland of zealots and traitors, of rebels and the meek, of madmen and martyrs, of heroes and assassins.

Among the wise, some will perhaps agree with me, the maddest madmen are not those who are commonly called so.

In other churches the Contra-Remonstrants were driven out as madmen and rioters.

This day have I already heard them—from one of those madmen of theirs who plague the streets of Rome.