Madonnas [noun]

Definition of Madonnas:

mother of jesus

Synonyms of Madonnas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Madonnas:


Sentence/Example of Madonnas:

Nigel might pray to a pale Madonna; Isaacson dealt with a definitely blunted woman of the world.

These dreamy, Madonna-like beauties are the result of the most severe and protracted study.

On a shelf near one of these windows stood the little Madonna, again wreathed with vines as in San Pasquale.

In a niche in the mud wall was a cheap print of the Madonna, one candle just smouldering out before it.

It was certain that the lovely lady was none other than the Madonna herself, and the child she had brought was some baby angel.

They did not shout as they took their gifts; but still the murmur ran from mouth to mouth: "Bella Madonna, bella Madonna."

Then giving a graceful little jump and shaking out her tail feathers, she hopped up to the Black Madonna.

Glancing up, her eyes rested on the sweet face of a Madonna, which she guessed at once came from Aunt Zélie.

I have no doubt he often thought iv his beautiful Madonna iv th' throlly, although he niver said so.

It is the Chiesa della Madonna dell' Acqua, rebuilt in the eighteenth century.