Madwoman [noun]

Definition of Madwoman:

mentally deranged person

Synonyms of Madwoman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Madwoman:


Sentence/Example of Madwoman:

I heard you calling for Lora before I met you—speak, tell me if she also is wandering out here like a madwoman, and why?

Then, with her hair streaming down her back, she ran about wailing like a madwoman in front of all the portraits of the General.

He rose too and leaned against the trunk of a tree, while she stormed and raved like a madwoman for some minutes in front of him.

Inside, there was an expanse of yellow pebbles, sulphur-coloured, like those which the madwoman had carried in her bag.

Would she come right, kiss, and make friends, and call herself a madwoman—a reckless fool—as she'd often done before?

I was exasperated at the softness of my impulse which had made me seek out this madwoman to do her a favor.

Next day she inquired for the prince, but her inquiry was thought so absurd that she was confined as a madwoman.

He had used the word to arrest her attention, which was wandering almost as the attention of a madwoman wanders.

And in a threatening voice: “I shall see thee in the fire,” he said to Katheline, “thou playest the madwoman so well.”

Imagination, the terrible madwoman, who was the mistress of the house, has become the servant.