Maelstrom [noun]

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Facing the toxic maelstrom of the presidential election and many divisive state and local contests, teachers across the country find themselves rethinking how — or even whether — to provide lessons on America’s political selection process.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong started a maelstrom when he said his company would engage “minimally” around politics.

In the midst of a maelstrom, these technologies—among them social media, mobile apps, analytics, and cloud computing—help communities cope with the pandemic and learn crucial lessons.

Amid the maelstrom of negative news about the dangers of misinformation and the exploitation of private data, it’s easy to lose sight of how technology can help the greater cause.

He entered the army and went to India—that deadly maelstrom which has swallowed up so much of British youth and blood and beauty!

Courtiers of forty years' standing, and such I may write myself, are as far to seek in the matter as a minnow in the Maelstrom.

Back they would come at night, and the terrible, narrow maelstrom of pettiness sucked them in.

We would have learned no lesson from the war, but gained only the regret that it had involved us in its maelstrom of suffering.

Her voice trailed after her, for she was already backing off into the maelstrom with her arms cradled in Ten Eyck's arms.

Possibly after a certain approach to that Maelstrom recall might be hopeless.