Magazine [noun]

Definition of Magazine:

periodic publication

Synonyms of Magazine:

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Sentence/Example of Magazine:

This has been especially tough on TV broadcasters and magazine publishers, who typically sell their ad space months in advance.

At 15, his supportive playwright mother would drive him around to other schools to distribute copies of the sports magazine he was publishing.

The first ad featuring the tie-up will appear not in an upcoming issue of a major fashion magazine, but in skate bible Thrasher, according to Abloh.

There was one woman, Valerie Salembier, who was a magazine publisher.

You sit opposite a woman who flicks the pages of a magazine too quickly.

He was a bookseller, but better known as a translator of the German contributor to the Gentleman's Magazine, &c.

Yet, so curiously constituted is the native mind, the blowing-up of the magazine was the final tocsin of revolt.

That night one of them endeavored to storm the magazine, burnt and plundered the station, and marched off towards Delhi.

The Gentleman's Magazine contains a long list of the bridges and churches which attest his reputation and skill.

Though well aware that the European houses were on fire, they were confident that the Magazine would be held.