Magazines [noun]

Definition of Magazines:

periodic publication

Synonyms of Magazines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Magazines:


Sentence/Example of Magazines:

So everybody began looking for the appearance of his story in all the leading magazines.

The magazines sketch us a lively article, the newspapers vignette us, step by step, a royal tour.

First off, we togged ourselves out the way punchers allus look in magazines.

When she reentered, Robert was turning over magazines, sketches, and things that lay upon the table in great disorder.

Mother doesnt allow me to read any penny-dreadful story papers, magazines or books.

There were books and magazines piled up in the window of a stall a few paces down the street.

Some magazines and weekly papers containing continued love-stories had found their way into the Worthington home.

Accordingly the four mounted and rode away, leaving the other three comfortably fixed with books and magazines.

He studied the magazines in the libraries, and racked his wits for new ideas to interest their editors.

But on the other hand, Magazines are forming, troops marching, in a style which threatens Gibraltar.