Magdalen [noun]

Definition of Magdalen:

forgiven child

Synonyms of Magdalen:

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Sentence/Example of Magdalen:

The Magdalen, in the days of her sin, is acted by a girl chosen for her beauty, but not for her character.

Marched at seven o'clock; passed, on the west side of the river, the mountains of Magdalen, and the Black mountains on the east.

That passionate and dreadful picture of St. Mary Magdalen covered by her hair as with a robe of red gold, does it move us at all?

And sure enough next week the bell was seen once more hanging in the gable of St. Mary Magdalen's chapel as of yore.

One of the fellows of Magdalen is always obliged to mount guard over visitors to the library.

Magdalen Graeme, therefore, came and departed like a shadow from the neighbourhood of Avenel Castle.

Roland turned round in astonishment, and the tall commanding form of Magdalen Graeme stood beside him.

The Magdalen is sweet in conception, but seems to have less than the usual merit of Correggio's pictures as to painting.

Magdalen Graeme, summoned to take share in this collation, appeared from an adjoining apartment, but Catherine was seen no more.

Magdalen Graeme looked at and perused the brief records of these monuments successively, and paused over that of Father Eustace.