Magenta [noun]

Definition of Magenta:

blue and red colors mixed together

Synonyms of Magenta:

Opposite/Antonyms of Magenta:


Sentence/Example of Magenta:

A great tree covered with glorious magenta flowers stands on one side.

She looked round the tiny church; at the whitewashed pillars, the humble pavement, the window full of magenta saints.

The evening had cleared, and the east was tender with a magenta flush under which the land lay still and rich.

But a vendor of mauve and magenta woollen goods, known to Sally as "the beach-woman," was working up towards them.

Indian paint brush vied in its scarlet hue with the deep magenta of cactus.

And nearer at hand I found magenta-colored Indian paint brush, very exquisite and rare.

They were well painted; cheeks of the new tint, rather apricot coloured—and magenta lips.

A smoky weird murky hell with the dull sun gleaming magenta-hued through the shifting pall of dust!

The room beyond proved to be a good-sized bedroom, its one window muffled by heavy stuff-curtains of a dull magenta red.

He was made duke and field-marshal after saving the day at Magenta (see p. 88).