Magi [noun]

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According to the Koran, an angel will weigh both men and women in a great balance; this idea, too, is taken from the magi.

If, then, we regard Zoroaster as being the founder of the Magi, we must throw back his epoch considerably further than this date.

Marcellinus and Peter, representing the Adoration of the Magi.

He directed the magi to consider the subject, and to give him their opinion.

The Jews had the real fire from heaven, and the Magi pretended to have received theirs from the upper regions likewise.

CVM natus esset ihesus in betleem iude in diebus herodis regis ecce magi ab oriente uenerunt ierosolimam dicentes.

In various parts of the church are ancient and valuable paintings, in several of which the Magi are introduced.

It is thus, I take it, that we must understand the story of the Magi as it takes shape in pious story.

Near this convent also is a well, where you are told it was that the star appeared to the eastern magi to their exceeding joy.

These, which were built in their shrines, and which were called Pyratheia, were the eternal fires of the magi.