Magical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Magical:

Director Isao Takahata, in his final film before his death in 2018, transforms this classic story into a stunning, magical journey.

Dark energy is sometimes seen as this mysterious, magical source of energy that accelerates the expansion of the universe.

In the early 1800s, William Rowan Hamilton discovered a new kind of geometric space with nearly magical properties.

The road turned out to be magical and instantaneously stretched by 10 miles!

The road turns out to be magical and instantaneously stretches by 10 miles!

At that time, people believed unicorn horns had magical and medicinal qualities, Mayor notes.

Because Ariel, in order to get her man, has to give up her voice, her most magical and distinctive quality.

From the moment that he touches the magical little hand, cousin George is eclipsed.

It was by pronouncing letters according to the magical method, that the moon was made to descend to the earth.

The two millions which he had undertaken to find had been raised with a rapidity which seemed magical.