Magics [noun]

Definition of Magics:

supernatural power; appearance

Opposite/Antonyms of Magics:

Sentence/Example of Magics:

The Nobel prize-winning psychologist Dan Kahneman has said it’s the “most significant of the cognitive biases” and the first thing he’d change about humans if he had a magic wand.

I think he might be wondering if something that some of us call “God” or “magic” is tied up with all of those still undiscovered mysteries.

To get a little bit of that magic combination of determination and foresight, we asked them to tell us the best career advice they ever got.

It’s really about the experience and the learning and the people—the magic of the trail.

While she has turned in strong performances in those efforts, it’s in her own shows that Coel makes magic happen.

We can’t promise a magic formula to help teams navigate the uncertainty of this year’s trade market.

Maybe he’d conduct a magic trick or comically walk into a sliding glass door.

Researchers haven’t pinpointed a magic number that will make the system work.

Because we have spells and magic mirrors and candelabras that used to be people.

Through the magic of modern plant engineering, Pat Brown’s team began creating massive stocks of heme.