Magisterial [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Magisterial:

It is a picture of tragic grandeur, painted in sombre and magisterial colours on the fiery vault of hell.

Old Lecamus maintained his paternal and magisterial dignity; he observed his son and said little.

During the difficult beginnings of a household I, perhaps, assumed a magisterial tone?

Relinquishing his magisterial powers, necessity compelled him to return home before spring, accompanied by some of his people.

Such was the man entrusted with more than magisterial power.

And what a handle would it be for the opposition magisterial party if the story got abroad!

Ahone had a subordinate deity, magisterial in functions, "looking into all men's actions" and punishing the same, when evil.

The gardener there was still engaged in his belated mowing, and Lady Ellington examined the cutter with a magisterial air.

The stranger, just as the soup was being put on the table, got up, and with a magisterial tone of voice addressed the assembly.

I think it is one of the most magisterial pieces of absurdity that I ever have known; it is amazing!