Magnanimity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Magnanimity:

She could not but feel the triumph to which circumstances had borne her, though magnanimity restrained its manifestation.

And Honcy-Bee, overcome by his magnanimity and his goodness, felt for him the love of a daughter for a father.

He regretted and deplored the magnanimity of his Emperor in giving to his people, so soon, a modern constitution.

I feel that I can, with confidence, rely upon the magnanimity and forbearance of my patrons, under this state of things.

With a grand magnanimity she saddled that cry of mine upon our child, conceiving it to be the name of some lost darling of mine.

I have not only tendered those States what was theirs of right, but I have gone to the very extreme of magnanimity.

There was the same exhibition, too, of frank personal confidence and of imperial magnanimity as at Tilsit.

It is regrettable that God did not possess the magnanimity of an Ingersoll and make health contagious instead of disease.

Eleanor thought she had never seen a greater exhibition of magnanimity.

Though you may not approve of his method or his principles, recognize his magnanimity.