Magnanimously [adverb]

Definition of Magnanimously:

most excellently

Synonyms of Magnanimously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Magnanimously:


Sentence/Example of Magnanimously:

Can the States, who magnanimously surrendered their title to the territories of the West, recall the grant?

Yet he did not doubt that if their relations terminated to-day Bassett would deal with him magnanimously.

How magnanimously he would resolve to stifle a hopeless attachment!'

"You have done England a service, Renwick," said the Ambassador at last, magnanimously.

Her ladyship was a half-sister of their father's, and from the height of her grandeur magnanimously patronizing now and then.

Magnanimously forgetting the purpose of the broken adventurer, Esquivel despatched a ship to bring him to Jamaica.

"It seems rather hard for men to act magnanimously in a corporate capacity, or even humanely," said Matt.

He magnanimously pardoned his brother, and they lived on not unfriendly terms for the next five years.

Hamilton finally conceded the honors of war, and Helm magnanimously accepted.

She moved away, majestically as does a goddess, conscious of her power but magnanimously refraining from using it.