Magnificence [noun]

Definition of Magnificence:


Opposite/Antonyms of Magnificence:

Sentence/Example of Magnificence:

For the first time, I got a sense of the magnificence and prestige of the company.

The graceful flying-fish, like a fair white bird, goes glancing above the blue magnificence of the tropical seas.

He would not want to exchange his splendid father for all the glory and magnificence of the king's court.

Round her neck depended from a black velvet band, strings of diamonds of great size and magnificence.

Thomas Sanchez, a Spanish Jesuit, died, and was buried with extraordinary magnificence.

I could observe groups and clusters of coloured coral and madrepore-stone, whose magnificence challenges all description.

There are other countries in which it is simple without any magnificence, as among the reformers of Europe and in British America.

And even London out of the season is to my mind preferable to the oppressive magnificence of the Castle.

Then they fared to Constantinople, being fain to see King Hugo, who was renowned for his magnificence.

The ascent is not difficult, and the magnificence of the panorama that meets the eyes is beyond description.