Magnifico [adjective]

Definition of Magnifico:

luxurious, expensive

Synonyms of Magnifico:

Opposite/Antonyms of Magnifico:

Sentence/Example of Magnifico:

He is obscure enough, and makes me sometimes wonder whether the ignotum does not pass itself off for the magnifico in his pages.

By the same profuse expenditure his grandson Lorenzo became known as Lorenzo il Magnifico.

The Baglioni are rarely mentioned without the title of Magnifico being added to their name.

It was the beginning of April 1492, and the Magnifico was only in his forty-fourth year.

All the more prominent members of the Medicean family were styled Magnifico in the same way.

So pray give me your reading—at least, your opinion,—on my Magnifico Pomposo!

Thus regarded, the ignotum pro magnifico appears quite sufficient to explain the narrated effects of the Greek fire.

It is a saying as old as Horace, 'ignotum pro magnifico est': we cease to wonder at what we understand.

Never I have seen one man so magnifico, so gr-r-rand, so conformable to make done things so swiftly by other mans.

"And here's a 'normous big box full of sticks," said Lady Magnifico.