Magus [noun]

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Abramko had allowed himself to be compromised in the Polish insurrection and Magus was interested in saving him.

I believe that I may speak with a certain accent of authority upon any question which connects with the French magus Éliphas Lévi.

The rods seem to have been of tamarisk, and without a magus no kind of sacrifices were performed.

The beast shied on one side and reared; then it rushed on with increased swiftness after Magus and the Batavian.

Tell your men to give way with a will; and you, Magus, go and desire Chrysostomus to alter our course.

The bolt was instantly drawn, and Magus, the Gothic slave, came joyfully to meet the strangers.

Magus whispered to himself, as he suddenly started wide awake.

By a Magus, the Persians understand a sacred person, a professor of theology, and a Priest.

The root has been p. 41erroneously derived from Μιyος, Magus, magicians or supernatural beings, as they were almost held to be.

Thus they may be said to be a 246 link between the barbarian shaman and the magus of medieval times.