Maharajahs [noun]

Definition of Maharajahs:

historically, person who ruled an area

Synonyms of Maharajahs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maharajahs:

Sentence/Example of Maharajahs:

Intimation of our approach was then sent on to the maharajah, that he might be ready upon his elephant upon our arrival.

Fifty lacs of rupees to be paid by the maharajah on the ratification of the treaty.

Then came the old Maharajah, who had set his price on the American women.

The Maharajah offered me the choice of three gifts—a young lady, an elephant, and this musical box.

The Maharajah has ordered specimens of every kind of Cashmerian product to be got ready without delay.

Then the irrepressible young man turned to me, asking at what the Maharajah thought I should be valued.

In one respect, however, it was a heavy blow to the Maharajah.

They belong to the Maharajah and his posterity from generation to generation.

On the 26th of June, the treaty was formally signed by the Maharajah.

Amongst other contributors the Maharajah of Tagore had given 5,000 rupees.