Maiden [adjective]

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The landing page of my personal website links to articles published under both bylines as well as articles published under my maiden name, Ruth Shalit.

If Munson was naked in them, well so were maidens in beloved paintings and sculptures.

The SN8′s maiden flight could have come as early as Friday, but the launch date slid repeatedly as observers read SpaceX’s plans in the tea leaves of local road closures and Federal Aviation Administration flight restrictions.

She happily dropped her maiden name of Williams and changed her last name when they got married.

The exile and the maiden, in short, fell in love with each other, and they mutually vowed never to be parted but by force.

For forty years Anastatia Dodd had lived in maiden meditation fancy free.

"Oh, but dear Mrs. Dodd, suppose she couldn't help it," said the artless maiden with a blush and a little sigh.

A member of parliament took occasion to make his maiden speech, on a question respecting the execution of a particular statute.

Recall his threat when coughed down on the occasion of his maiden speech in the House of Commons.

I should worry if Burd has a dozen maiden aunts,” observed Amy scornfully, “and they all knitted him red wristlets!