Maidenly [adjective]

Definition of Maidenly:

virginal, chaste

Opposite/Antonyms of Maidenly:

Sentence/Example of Maidenly:

Eloise asked, her maidenly modesty prevailing over every other feeling.

In the maidenly beauty of her eighteenth spring, the young girl's glance wanders dreamily over the apotheosis of the setting sun.

No artist of that time has created lovelier forms of women, beings with so great a charm of maidenly freshness and modest grace.

Judith was grown to womanly age and ways and perfected in every maidenly attraction.

But the grey in this case was not so pure, nor were the straightness and the slenderness so maidenly.

But it was one of the misfortunes of her solitary and peculiar education that she had conscience and maidenly modesty.

Miss Matilda was in no condition just then to deploy the expected maidenly emotions.

She had loved this man deeply, in a maidenly, modest way; but he had gone away without speaking, and had not since written.

She had seemed to me to bear herself with a maidenly self-respect that spoke of no little grace of breeding.

You can almost fancy it some dryad decked for her bridal, in maidenly day-dreaming too lovely to last.