Maidservant [noun]

Definition of Maidservant:

female who performs housework

Synonyms of Maidservant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maidservant:


Sentence/Example of Maidservant:

If a man has bought a manservant or a maidservant and has a complaint, his seller shall answer the complaint.

A pretty maidservant, heated and flushed with orders and compliments, crossed his path with a tray full of glasses.

On the bench beside the gate sat the old maidservant with his little sister, a child six years old.

From some impure maidservant who has stolen into the household and the nursery?

She was, she declared, treated like a maidservant and made the hireling of the Despensers.

Ernestine's trim little maidservant was announcing a visitor who followed close behind.

Many conditions might be inserted: as that the wife should act as maidservant to her mother-in-law, or to a first wife.

A maidservant brought in tea, set the table, and departed, Eleanor drew off her gloves and my glance fell on her right hand.

A maidservant saw us, came running out, and went running back, like the frightened lapwing from the wounded cat.

By the friendship of an old maidservant she was carried up to a garret, where I was born.