Mailings [noun]

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So I’m talking from CEO down to the mailing room, everybody’s gone, everybody’s fired, whole new staff.

Yet they did manage a mailing, which not everyone does, so perhaps you should not tattle.

Most liquor boxes have thin walls and aren’t good for mailing.

For mailing, the experiment settled on three methods, each of which offers a different trade-off between beauty of presentation and annoyingness of packing.

In most cases it’s the result of an applicant’s name finding its way into the field for the city of the recipient’s mailing address.

It was several minutes before he recovered and placed the letter back in the mailing receptacle.

The publications are distributed by mailing lists to libraries, universities, and similar institutions throughout the world.

To reconcile this difference, the work itself should be on hand in the mailing room.

Mailing expense is made up of labor and postage, the latter being most important.

All enterprises of magnitude maintain a separate mailing department in charge of one person, frequently the chief stenographer.