Maims [verb]

Definition of Maims:

cripple, put out of action

Synonyms of Maims:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maims:

Sentence/Example of Maims:

On land and in sea the animal creation chase and maim, and slay and devour each other.

We came in peace and goodwill, not to maim and slay, or to spread alarm and desolation through thy land.

If a man maim another, and does not compromise with him, there shall be retaliation in kind.

Still there were left at liberty enough to maim cattle and shoot at landlords.

Tho' I am not unhealthy, yet I am very weak, know maim therefore I hope it won't be long maim.

Never did he kill or maim either citizen or child, to the secret chagrin of Judge Penniman.

I have seen them strike and toss a boat right up an end, and maim several on board.

A bullet seems to prick rather than to maim him, and he will attack the hunter with the most desperate and persevering fierceness.

His own nature had revolted against the excess of anguish that had sought to maim and mar the perfection of its calm.

The sailor regards the shark as his natural enemy, and never misses a chance to slay or maim him.