Maintainable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Maintainable:

We just need to see if it maintains above, at or near that level and if so for how long.

In July, Laura Kelly, the Democratic governor of Kansas, issued a mandate requiring everyone in public places to wear a mask where 6 feet of social distancing couldn’t be maintained.

Every PS5 owner has the same machine and no one ever expects you to crack it open and swap out parts to try and maintain credibility on the message boards.

He had always maintained a deep interest in space, however, and by 2017 when he began to look around for something else to do, he returned to those dreams.

These are things you can buy and bring home, which do not require a refrigerator or freezer to maintain their quality.

We already talked you through what businesses learned about content marketing through the first phase of the pandemic, and the ever-changing state of things shouldn’t stop you from maintaining something close to your regular content schedule.

His two previous bestselling memoirs, Lucky Man and Always Looking Up, dealt with how the Back to the Future actor came to terms with his Parkinson’s diagnosis, always maintaining his trademark optimism and light.

That ambiguity, Chachavalpongpun says, allowed the previous monarch to spend with impunity, while maintaining an image of frugality.

Move slowly and in control—the movement should be generated by your core, not your legs—and only go as far as you can while maintaining good form.

That’s why Soon is maintaining its office space even as employees work remotely.