Maintained [verb]

Definition of Maintained:

care for, keep up

Synonyms of Maintained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maintained:

Sentence/Example of Maintained:

As Darcy points out, the strategy Fox has always used to maintain the loyalty of its viewers — telling them that every other news source is fatally infected with liberal bias — is now being deployed by those minor-league outlets against Fox itself.

Based on contact tracing and genomic sequencing, league officials maintain they have seen no evidence of on-field transmission of the virus during games.

Several states maintain school-level data dashboards that provide information on infections among students and staff who attend in-person school.

He said that “there is leadership in place” and that the facility meets department guidelines of maintaining an 8-to-1 ratio for staff and youths.

People should maintain six feet of distance at all times from people from other households.

“Even if you try to remind people what not to do, maintaining those six feet of distance or wearing your mask, it is hard for people to be entirely compliant, especially when they’re doing exercise,” she said.

Our bodies only want to maintain the adaptations that are useful for the demands we’re currently placing on them.

That being said, I think it’s time I set clear boundaries in order to maintain the best work relationship & professionalism.

The commerce team helps retailers create curated guides of products and also helps maintain relationships with third-party vendors, such as Button.

Ford also is offering an array of services to monitor and maintain the van, using data coming from built-in modems, which help maximize hours in service, Cannis said.