Maintainer [noun]

Definition of Maintainer:

chief support

Synonyms of Maintainer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maintainer:


Sentence/Example of Maintainer:

This is the true bond between the pastor and his flock: the true maintainer of discipline, and instrument of restoration.

The party which performed this service came into power as the maintainer of voluntary union.

Then was the Earl of Huntly accused by you as the maintainer of idolatry, and the only hinderer of all good order.

No maintainer or assailant of the Union is insane enough to propose the repeal of the Emancipation Act.

But he is reminded by Socrates that they are introduced, not by him, but by the maintainer of the identity of pleasure and good.

The devil Set was symbolic of disorder and darkness, while the god Osiris was the maintainer of order and the giver of light.

They encompassed our eagle: Llewelyn the magnanimous hero, whose armour glistened; the maintainer of his rights.

The queen, unpopular on the score of her imputed arbitrary counsels, was 112 odious as a maintainer of idolatry.

The Major Maintainer hadn't merely been switched to Introvert.

But the Maintainer was gone and the Void hadn't closed in, yet.