Maintains [verb]

Definition of Maintains:

care for, keep up

Synonyms of Maintains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maintains:

Sentence/Example of Maintains:

The animal maintains a fairly upright posture, but walks with a waddling motion, its body rocking from side to side.

Eighteen months afterwards, she still maintains, "Without me, you would never get up!"

The marquis maintains 1,500 troops to protect his vassals and property from the savages.

It maintains armies and navies for his defence and security, and no other government is allowed to maintain them.

Law was established to maintain justice between man and man; and this Act clearly maintains injustice.

He maintains that our knowledge of ourselves is no different in kind from our knowledge of other people.

He maintains that thoughts consist for the most part of known rules (p. 342).

Thinking, he maintains, does not need language or sensuous presentations.

God only, and not wealth, maintains the world; riches merely make people proud and lazy.

Freud39 maintains that voluntary retention of the fæces is utilised for this purpose, but this appears to me very doubtful.