Maire [noun]

Definition of Maire:

city official

Synonyms of Maire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maire:


Sentence/Example of Maire:

Monsieur le Maire,” said he, “I should like to examine the premises, and beg that you will have the kindness to accompany me.

It is the opinion of Monsieur le Maire,” said Aristide rebukingly, “and that is enough.

If there is trouble, I will take this fellow, and you manage the Maire.

Imagine, monsieur le maire, it was just before daylight, and I was quietly fishing below the mill of La Rochette.

"I have come for my certificate, monsieur le maire," said he with a sort of clucking which might express either mirth or despair.

Examine the bill, monsieur le maire, and you will see that it is perfectly fair.

We returned to our inn, well pleased that we had not shown monsieur le maire our philters and charms.

From Monsieur le Maire to cobbler and blacksmith, all were working very hard.

We said good night to Monsieur le Maire, and before turning in went out on the iron bridge that spanned the Loup.

Monsieur le Maire told us that the chatelain came often, and never forgot to invite him to meet the guests at the castle.